Hemant Taneja

Managing Partner,
General Catalyst Group Management, LLC

Hemant Taneja is the managing partner at General Catalyst, a global technology investment firm behind some of the most impactful companies of the past two decades. He is a leading advocate for Responsible Innovation–a framework for more intentional company building in the technology sector. He recently published Intended Consequences, a WSJ bestseller on this topic.

Over his 20 year career as a sought after investor, Taneja has partnered with founders who are building platform companies that are fundamentally aligned with the long term interests of society. He is an early investor in market leading companies like Anduril, Stripe, Livongo, Samsara, Grammarly, Gusto, and Snap.

Taneja is also the visionary behind General Catalyst’s Health Assurance strategy–a vision for moving from a system of sick care to one that is more proactive, affordable and equitable for people everywhere. He is the architect of the ecosystem that now consists of over 100 healthcare companies, and has pioneered new kinds of partnerships with leading health systems to accelerate the digital transformation of care. In 2020, Hemant authored Unhealthcare–a seminal work that is widely read by technology founders building companies in the healthcare sector.

In addition to his investment work, Taneja is the chairman of Responsible Innovation Labs, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing best practices in responsible company building; co-founder of Advanced Energy Economy, an organization focused on transforming energy policy in America; and founding board member of Khan Lab School, an innovative K-12 school his children attend.

Taneja holds five degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.