Scott Huennekens

President & Chief Executive Officer
Verb Surgical Inc.

Scott Huennekens is president and chief executive officer of Verb Surgical Inc, an independent surgical solutions company which aims to make robots better surgical assistants. Verb Surgical is a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson and Verily Life Sciences LLC, formerly Google Life Sciences. The company aims to develop a comprehensive surgical solutions platform that will incorporate leading-edge robotic capabilities and best-in-class medical device technology for operating room professionals to enable better patient outcomes, improve access to minimally invasive surgery, and achieve greater hospital efficiency.

Previously, Huennekens was president and chief executive officer of Volcano Corporation, a manufacturer of intravascular imaging equipment for coronary and peripheral applications. Volcano was acquired in 2015 by Royal Philips for $1.2 billion. Prior to Volcano, Huennekens served as president and chief executive officer of Digirad Corporation, a diagnostic imaging solutions provider. Prior to joining Digirad, Huennekens held management positions at Baxter International, Inc. in the edwards cardiovascular division.

Huennekens currently serves on the board of directors for EndoChoice, REVA, and the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA).